27 March 2023


More and more, Tabuaço is a desired destination for lovers of the Douro Wine Region, and for good reason. Located in northern Portugal, this town is known as the "balcony between mountains and rivers", offering a stunning natural landscape and surrounding human warmth. With striking contrasts between mountains and valleys, the city is adorned with the green of the forest, vineyards, and rural fields, sparkling with the water of the rivers and enchanting with the hillsides full of vineyards and terraces, and the almond trees in bloom that announce the arrival of spring.

Tabuaço is a nature destination, an inviting itinerary. If you consider the most exotic watch in the world, the Douro farms, the wine-growing villages, the prehistoric remains, the Romanesque churches, the manor houses, and the legends that inhabit the imagination, you will discover a passion for Tabuaço. Every season has its charm: almond blossoms in spring, lush greenery in summer, and warm tones of vines and chestnut trees in autumn. The months that attract the most tourists are GAugust, September, and October because of the grape harvests and lagaradas. To help you plan a trip to Tabuaço, here are some suggestions of what to visit.

Visit the interactive tourist store. Once a school, now a treasure trove: Rijomax! The most unusual and complete clock in the world. Dreamed and built by Amândio José Ribeiro, Rijomax is a mysterious work, the world inside a clock.

MIDU Museum of the Duriense Imaginary 

Right in front of Tabuaço City Hall, a space for the disclosure and preservation of legends and traditions and all the intangible heritage of the past, present and future of the Douro.

Conde Ferreira Garden

In the Conde Ferreira Garden you can enjoy an environment of harmonious tranquility. This garden is one more lung of the town that is worth visiting, a favorite of the Tabuacenses and where sometimes handicraft and local products markets take place. 

Igreja Matriz de Tabuaço

The Parish Church of Tabuaço is a baroque church that dates back to the 18th century. With a decorative facade and an ornate interior, the church is an impressive example of religious architecture of the period.

Abel Botelho Museum 

Right next to the Mother Church, the Museum aims to reinforce the urban homogeneity of the traditional area of the village and to pay homage to the famous Tabuaço writer and diplomat Abel Botelho, who gives his name to this space.

After visiting the town, discover the "secrets of the Douro" that are spread throughout the municipality and that deserve your attention during your visit to Tabuaço. Here are some more places you can't miss!

Barcos Wine Village

Barcos is a picturesque wine village, with breathtaking views of the vineyard slopes stretching across the horizon. The wine heritage is evident in every corner of the village, with old stone houses and vineyards that produce some of the best wines in the region.


Granja do Tedo River Beach

Between the river waters and the public swimming pool, enjoy the sun rays at the Granja do Tedo River Beach. An irresistible stop in the Douro's hot days! 


Fradinho's Viewpoint and Hill Climb

Located on one of the city's steep slopes, Fradinho is a rocky outcrop that offers incredible views of the surrounding landscape of the Douro Vinhateiro (Wine Growing Douro). The climb can be challenging, but the view from the top is rewarding. 

And because every region has its celebrations, don't miss the Festivities of Tabuaço. Whether as a religious ritual, attachment to traditions, pure pagan fun or anthropological interest, festivals and pilgrimages are one of the most important moments of a community. Traditionally, on these dates, villages get together and a unique opportunity to experience the people and traditions is created. São João in Tabuaço is perhaps one of the biggest events in the municipality, celebrated on June 24th, with a special program filled with shows, music, and even handicraft. The Ronda da Rua Velha is the event to get to know a genuine culture, closely linked to gastronomy and flavors, with snacks and local and regional products, in a rural environment. It is in Ronda da Rua Velha, in the last days of July, that the old taverns and wine cellars, now deactivated, fill with life and call those who want to taste and know tidbits and flavors that taste like grandma's house. The Estardalhaço, a Gastronomy Festival of Tabuaço, held annually in June, which this year will present new features! In the Barcos Harvest Festival, between the end of September and the beginning of October, wine presses are opened and grapes are trodden, traditional games and jokes of old are remembered. The program includes wine and olive oil tastings, stalls with local and regional products, from handicrafts, to bread, sweets, and there will be plenty of traditional "milhos de vinha-d'alhos" (cornmeal) and music. Tabuaço is rich in celebrations and if you visit on these dates, you can not miss these celebrations! 

For those visiting Tabuaço, one of the most desired experiences is a visit to the Douro estates, where it is possible to have a true immersion in oenological experiences that awaken the senses. Besides the tastings and tasting of some of the best Douro wines and Port wines, the quintas offer a variety of activities that go beyond the expected. In the app I Love DOURO you can find a selection of Quintas, with accommodation, restaurants, wine tastings and other activities to make your visit memorable.

When visiting Tabuaço, travelers will have the opportunity to explore a land of contrasts and stunning natural beauty, with vineyard slopes, hills and valleys, crystal clear rivers and lush green forests. In addition, the region is famous for its quality wines, and visitors can experience and learn about wine production at local farms. Let yourself be enchanted by Tabuaço's stunning landscapes, visit the region's historical and cultural heritage, and delight yourself with the local gastronomy. We hope you have an unforgettable trip and that these suggestions help make it even more special.