10 or more reasons to visit Douro

10 or more reasons to visit Douro

28 April 2020



Over the next few weeks we will share with you 10 or more reasons to visit the Douro. When all this is over ... for now, we will bring our Douro to your home!


The Douro is not the best kept secret in the world, but it always surprises those who see it for the first time, those who haven't visited it in a long time and even those who visit it more regularly. Its natural beauty leaves anyone disoriented!

What we intend with the tips we are going to publish here is to guide you and make each and every experience that you venture to live in unique Douro lands.

The story of almost two millenniums has a lot to tell you; the history of the region, its people, wine and the city that proudly displays the name of the wine!

Like any passion, the Douro has legends and its Nymphs, mystery and discovery, the celebrated Cachão da Valeira and the passions of Barão de Forrester for the Douro and for D. Antónia, celebrated as Ferreirinha.

Art and cultural heritage, from churches and monasteries to tiles, from the most palatial farms and from landlords to terraces carved into the landscape, the paleolithic art of rock engravings ...

And speaking of landscape, a natural beauty donated by God and worked by the hand of man, from Alto Vinhateiro to Douro Internacional, we do not dare to qualify, both unique and recognized as World Heritage. If one is shaped by the strength and tenacity of Man, the other assumes itself as harsh and protective of Rio.

But, to enjoy it better, follow our itinerary of viewpoints, you will discover unique nooks and crannies, which convey an indescribable peace, where the breeze and birds are company to enjoy the river.

There is no one who does not surrender to Douro cuisine, from traditional to contemporary and signature. And the real nectar of Bacchus, don't doubt it! it is in the Douro that he finds it, someone once said: “that in the lands beyond marão there is a wine that those who drink are devious”!

From the famous port wine to the not less famous douro doc table wines.

Douro is also special for its people, for the generosity and friendship with which it welcomes, the simplicity and sympathy they place in each gesture and word it addresses.

Douro traditions, the Douro can be visited at any time of the year, but if you have the chance, go, at least once, during the harvest season and the respective popular festivals.

We cannot finish without mentioning the wine villages of the Alto Douro, we will introduce you to narrow streets and stone houses, landlords and morgadios, fountains and lives ...


Rio cherishes and embraces everything, in a world to discover ... you can get to know it better by boat just for yourself or shared, car or train, or even, in a helicopter experience! Over the next few texts we will leave concrete recommendations for each one.

The adventure can always start or end on the margins of the mouth of the Douro, in the city of Porto, with a mandatory visit to the port wine cellars, on the left margin, in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia.

And you can always, if you like to drive up the Alto Douro through the famous national 222.

Following the highway, there are cities, whose visit is mandatory; Amarante, Vila Real .... and many others.

You will have plenty of reasons to visit the Douro and make holidays, mini-vacations, weekends, family, romantic, with the guarantee of being safe.


A Douro d´ouro awaits you!