DOURO is also Art and Culture!

DOURO is also Art and Culture!

11 December 2019

Nicolau Nasoni's influence on the I LOVE DOURO route


For those who appreciate art and culture, when he speaks of Nicolau Nasoni, everyone envisions an imposing and majestic Clerigos Tower, a symbolic work of the city and perhaps best known in Italy for Portuguese lands. But there is more! Follow us on your striking influence over Douro lands.


Start by visiting Vila Nova de Gaia or the Corpus Christi Convent and enjoy the Parish Church of Santa Marinha, where the Italian sculptor and painter interfered with the remodeling and reconstruction works.


Be sure to visit the Freixo Palace. A work that Nasoni made a request of man who, in good time, or invited to come to Portugal D. Jerome of Tavora and Noronha.


Follow the Douro above and stop at Vila Real, enter the facade of Casa Mateus Palace and the green spaces involved. For another day in Douro lands, be sure to visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies in Lamego, which in itself is worth a visit, but Nicolau Nasoni is a fountain author on the imperial staircase.


We dare not suggest just one, all and many more, to evaluate a visit, this Italian who is responsible for the strong presence of the shack style in the north of the country.


Lodging and Dining Suggestions


Porto / Vila Nova de Gaia


Harbor View Picnic at Cockburn's

Lunch / Dinner at Vinum Restaurant

Relax, Sunset and Stay at The Yeatman Hotel

Other local accommodation options -

Ruler / Lamego Weight


Lunch / Dinner Table Aneto

Visit and have lunch at Quinta da Pacheca

Original Douro Hotel

Six Senses Douro Valley

Venture into our suggestions, enjoy and share the journal at all times and be sure to send as recommended.


Long live the Douro, D'Ouro.