1st Meeting Driver´s Club by I Love Douro

1st Meeting Driver´s Club by I Love Douro

21 October 2019

Saturday, October 19, 2019. The chosen day, however, dawned gray with many clouds and rainy rain? she insisted on giving no respite all day. When we got together at 9:00 am at the starting point to set up the backsatge, we didn't even have the courage to share the feeling that plagued us, just a question of whether it was better to postpone? Will many of the subscribers give up? (these nobody dared to do). But in the distance a powerful engine began to be heard, then another and another .... and the cars and their occupants began to arrive ... The evidence that these passionate drivers are brave and determined and not a rainy day that will keep them from participating and rolling the machine. The group got together, exchanging impressions and those who didn't know each other introduced themselves. Immediately, the heterogeneity of the group, the cars, and the age was noticeable - impressive! - The taste for the machines, the noise and the hard working of the engines does not choose ages or professions ... good to see!

And one of our goals was there, cars, lots of cars, profiled, regardless of make, model, classic, pre-classic ... together for the taste of driving and the exchange of experiences behind the wheel, faster, less fast, more new and less new together in sharing and motorized experience.

Profiled cars ... at 10.45 gave the strongest acceleration and started by the national 222 until the first stop. Of course, the pace was walking, the weather required extra caution ... the rain, the heavy clouds did not allow the admiration of the landscape to be the most impressive, but comforting because the DOURO RIO was accompanying, side by side. side with the cars and their occupants.

The sun gave an air of its grace and on the way from Caldas de Arego to Régua the cabrio were able to pick up the top and, remembering, to later share that on a day of heavy rain, that the city of Porto was flooded, these beautiful cars paraded on cabrio nac 222 in free and loose mode.

In Régua, lunch was scheduled at the restaurant "O Torrão" was where the group got together and had the opportunity to exchange views on the section and the way the cars behaved in adverse weather conditions, especially some of the cars. But good mood reigned and during lunch we had the opportunity to toast some table wines offered by Nierport to our event (Redoma, Tiara, Vertente) and in this way the conversation extended to wine and other experiences that each has been sharing.

The lunch ended with congratulations and congratulations to two birthdays (Rosa and Raquel). It was a pleasure for us to have participated in the celebration of their lives, as they chose to spend their birthday on our initiative!

Between toasts to life, health, smiles and conversation we leave the restaurant, and now yes ... the cars line up to enter the section of national 222 that was considered the most beautiful and best route in the world for those who love to drive - the Régua / Pinhão route - the cars of our participants brightened the stretch on that gray and rainy afternoon!

On the way, stop at the mouth of the Tedo river, to visit the Quinta with the same name and taste one of the ex.libris of the country - the Port Wine - In the meantime, there were those who lived another experience, going up to Adorigo (something that we will make known to you later).

Returning to the national 222, and given the late hour, the decision was to end the first trip in Foz do Távora, was, from the beginning, the place chosen for closing, however we did not go to Pinhão.

The Foz do Távora bar is the ideal place to watch the sun fall on the Douro river between the elevations, however the dense and heavy clouds did not allow it, so we stayed for the final Port of Honor, with a local delicacies and the group. Already more relaxed and loose took the time to talk.

This for many was the end point of the first meeting, for us it would be. It turns out that the President of the Tabuaço Chamber, Dr. Carlos Carvalho, came to greet and greet the group that had gone up to the Douro and ended his tour in his Municipality and challenged the participants who were still in the place to meet and participate in the Festival. of the Grape Harvest in Valença do Douro. Well, few but resistant for some, the tour only ended, late at night, in Valença do Douro, between barbecue and popular music with street dance. We want to thank everyone who enthusiastically participated in our first meeting. Not everything went as planned, but it was the first. We wanted to meet you, to understand the adhesion to the initiative.

We want and we will repeat!

With other experiences, different moments! Be aware, bids may be limited to the first entrants, with a limited number of vacancies. But we count on you to come back and bring another friend. Our goal remains to create a group of friends around cars.  Especially for Antonio and Iolanda who came from Alcochete and were with us, we will extend the initiative to other parts of the country, we will come to you, in the center, Alentejo, to the south, and perhaps we will not venture beyond borders!

At the end of the day it was a pleasure to meet you all, we will be back soon! And as the people say with all their wisdom, we believe that “wet walking is blessed walking”!