Winepedia: the World of Wine with Artificial Intelligence

Winepedia: the World of Wine with Artificial Intelligence

18 April 2024

The world of wine has just received a technological revolution with the launch of Winepedia. Created by Ivano Barbato, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, and Pedro Guerreiro, a professor and manager in the wine sector, this online platform is a real milestone in the dissemination of wine knowledge.


With a question-answer dialog approach, similar to the best-known Artificial Intelligence platforms, Winepedia interacts with its users in any language, offering precise and detailed answers on various wine-related topics. From pairing suggestions to information on grape varieties and wine regions, the platform offers a unique and enriching experience.

"Our platform interacts with the user, who can be an amateur, simply interested, or an expert [in wine], with answers that simulate those of a human, but which can check an almost infinite number of parameters," explains Ivano.

One of Winepedia's main differentials is its rigorous verification of information sources, guaranteeing the security and reliability of the data provided. By integrating knowledge from specialized books, scientific articles and life experiences, the platform offers an unparalleled level of quality in the digital wine universe.

In addition to serving large producers, Winepedia's main objective is to democratize access to information, benefiting small producers and wine enthusiasts. Winepedia. The ChatGPT for wine was created in Portugal

"By being the Portuguese to work on this technological component and introduce this platform, we are ensuring that Portuguese wine culture has a place in the global sector," says Pedro Guerreiro.

Completely free for users, the platform aims to preserve and promote Portugal's rich wine culture on a global scale. "By being pioneers, we guarantee that we always have a place in the information that will be collected anywhere in the world, that the wine regions, that our grape varieties, that our Portuguese experience, will not be lost in whatever technological work is done in other countries." continues the professor.


With Winepedia, Ivano Barbato and Pedro Guerreiro are not only revolutionizing the way we interact with the world of wine, but also ensuring that Portugal's wine tradition and knowledge have a prominent place on the international technology scene. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of wine in a totally new and accessible way.