March: the month of the "Dismantling of the Pig in Ventozelo"

March: the month of the "Dismantling of the Pig in Ventozelo"

14 March 2024

The restaurant at Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta has a new chef: from Porto to Douro, José Guedes is now in charge of Cantina de Ventozelo.

"I'm a city cook and here I'm literally in the garden. Being in charge of the Cantina is a great challenge that will allow me to learn and have the opportunity to explore new territories," says chef José? Guedes.


With this in mind, José Guedes is now launching a monthly initiative to celebrate regional and seasonal products, which will be added to the fixed lunch and dinner menus at Cantina de Ventozelo, where techniques such as the wood-fired oven or ingredients such as octopus, veal, kid and codfish will continue to play a starring role. At the start of this monthly event, which will take the form of special menus and extra activities such as themed tastings or live displays of techniques and products, the Bísaro pig will shine.

Desmancha do Porco em Ventozelo

March will therefore be the month of "Desmancha do Porco em Ventozelo", an initiative that will be divided into several options: from Monday to Saturday, there will always be a "Desmancha Special Menu" available at lunchtime, which will include a starter of Bisaro Ham and Vila Real Folar, followed by Ribs in Garlic Vineyards, Pork Liver with Onions and Bisaro Pork Belly with Migas de Moura and Cabbage, ending with Abade Priscos Pudding with Tangerine Sorbet (€45, with a glass of Doc Douro wine, a Port and coffee included); in addition to this special lunch menu, every day there will also be the possibility of scheduling a tasting of four varieties of pork charcuterie/smoked meats, paired with four Doc Douro wines and Port (€32/person, to be held at Lagares da Quinta).

On March 16, "Desmancha do Porco na Quinta de Ventozelo" offers a unique experience, starting with a demonstration of pork cutting at Armazém do Alambique. The day continues with a tasting of fresh pork on the grill, paired with wines from Quinta de Ventozelo. The lunch menu, with the featured dishes, is served on the terrace of the Cantina, offering a breathtaking view over the terraces of the Douro. The afternoon culminates with a Charcuterie Tasting paired with DOC and Port wines (Full program: €95/pax).


"This restaurant will continue to be a place that thrives on emotions at the table, on comfort food and honest, well-made food. Praising both what is produced at the Quinta and the region's heritage is my main goal," says Chef José Guedes.

Staying true to the traditional flavors of the region, with a focus on sustainability and seasonality, Cantina de Ventozelo will explore different ingredients and themes throughout 2024, such as the ox heart tomato, the grape harvest, hunting and olive picking, among others.


For more information and to book, email [email protected]

Chef José Guedes - Ventozelo