Lampreia Route goes up the Douro River to Cantina de Ventozelo

Lampreia Route goes up the Douro River to Cantina de Ventozelo

15 February 2024

On February 20, Cantina do Ventozelo is presenting a special menu as part of the Lamprey Route. Traveling up the Douro River, from Matosinhos to São João da Pesqueira, with a destination at Cantina de Ventozelo, the lamprey will be cooked in partnership with O Gaveto, a restaurant from Matosinhos.


In the picturesque Douro region, known not only for its stunning vineyards but also for its rich gastronomic tradition, Cantina do Ventozelo has emerged as an unmissable destination for lovers of fine dining. For the third time since 2021, the restaurant at Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta is offering a special menu dedicated to lovers of this unique delicacy of Portuguese gastronomy, prepared in partnership with the O Gaveto restaurant.

In Ventozelo, the celebration of the traditional season of this river fish will take place exclusively on this date, February 20, at lunchtime. The menu will cost €60 per person, with wines included, and will be accompanied at the table by some surprises from this Douro estate.

Upon entering Cantina do Ventozelo, you are greeted by a welcoming atmosphere that combines tradition and modernity. The rustic décor is a reminder of the region's past, while the contemporary menu reflects the passion for fresh, local ingredients.

Overlooking the slopes of Douro, capacity for this third edition of the lamprey menu at Cantina de Ventozelo will be limited, so prior booking is required by calling 254 249 670 or emailing [email protected] .

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