10th Soup Festival and Ranchos Meeting - Sernancelhe

10th Soup Festival and Ranchos Meeting - Sernancelhe

14 February 2024

The 10th edition of the Soup Festival and Ranchos Meeting will take place from February 16 to 18 at the Exposalão in Sernancelhe.

Soup of gravanços with codfish, chestnut broth, Zebreira-style bean soup or mushroom soup are some of the delicacies revitalized thanks to the Sernancelhe Soup Festival, a winter event that brings together the best of traditional gastronomy, handicrafts and folklore at the Expo Salão, offering visitors a journey through the history, culture, sounds and flavours of our people.

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover various exhibitions of arts and crafts, get in touch with customs and traditions and taste free soups that tell the story of a people.


Respecting the tradition and gastronomic heritage of Sernancelhe is the purpose of the local associations that have prepared thousands of liters of soup, with distinct flavors, rich in endogenous products, seasoned with the ethnography of folkloric ranches from the north of Portugal.

This year, the participation of: Associação AMBULA IPSS, Associação Empresarial Beira Alta - Acis, Associação Zona de Caça Távora e Zebreira, Associação Desportiva e Recreativa de Sarzeda, Associação Dinamizadora da Aldeia da Faia, Conselho Diretivo dos Baldios "Cinco Réis de Gente" do Carregal, Banda Musical 81 de Ferreirim, Associação Social, Cultural, Recreativa e Desportiva Casa do Benfica de Sernancelhe, Confraria da Castanha Soutos da Lapa, Liga dos Amigos da ESPROSER, Manta Verde - Associação da Biointerpretação de Lamosa, Núcleo Desportivo de Cultural de Vila da Ponte, Rancho Folclórico da Terra da Castanha de Sernancelhe, Grupo Motard "Os Amigos Binantes", Associação de Melhoramentos da Freguesia de Escurquela, Clube Caça e Pesca de Sernancelhe, Banda de Música de Sernancelhe and Associação dos Baldios de Quintela da Lapa.


This initiative, which has already become a tradition, aims to promote local cuisine, especially soup, with the intention of renewing old habits. Over the three days of the event, more than three thousand liters of soup will be prepared for the thousands of visitors who usually flock to the festival.

It's an event that immerses itself in the authenticity of its people, draws on the knowledge of its people and, with a touch of modernity and the excellent conditions of the Expo Salão, welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the country.

Visitors will thus have the opportunity to discover, tasting free of charge, the flavors of the land combined with ancestral knowledge, arts and crafts and the always memorable displays of the folkloric ranches.


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