Between Vineyards and Barrels: Celebrating Port Wine

Between Vineyards and Barrels: Celebrating Port Wine

26 January 2024

Port wine, as a gem rooted in the hills of Douro, has a history that transcends the centuries. September 10 marks the anniversary of the creation of the world's oldest Douro Demarcated Region by the Marquês de Pombal in 1756. Even so, in 2012, a group called the Wine Origins Alliance highlighted and promoted January 27 as Port Wine Day - an unofficial tribute that has gained prominence and promotion over the years.

Why not celebrate this unique fortified wine? David Guimaraens, Technical Director of Oenology and representative of the sixth generation of the centuries-old Casa de Vinho do Porto - Fonseca, argues:

"Don't wait for a special occasion to open a special wine, create a special occasion by opening a special wine."

In this article, we invite you to embrace the celebration of tradition and the Douro in a glass, offering you suggestions for celebrating Port with exceptional wine tastings.



Taylor's Wine Cellars: A Journey through Intense Flavors

Taylor's Cellars are an incomparable choice for exploring the richness and complexity of Port. Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, they offer tasting experiences that take visitors on a sensory journey through the most prestigious wines.

On an exciting and enlightening visit to the cellars you can taste two iconic Taylor's Ports: Chip Dry - Extra Dry White and Late Bottled Vintage (LBV), invented by Taylor's in 1934 and 1970 respectively, and be offered a can of Chip Dry & Tonic - the ready-to-drink canned Port Tonic. In addition to the two wines included in the tour, you can do a series of Port wine tastings including a selection of aged Tawny Ports or try the classic and renowned Taylor's Vintage Port.

Let yourself be enveloped by the unique aromas and flavors that Taylor's Cellars can offer you.

Caves Taylor's



Fonseca Wine Cellars: a unique sensory experience

Located on the banks of the River Douro, Caves Fonseca is a destination of choice for lovers of exquisite wines. Tastings offer an opportunity to discover the elegance and tradition that characterize the wines of this prestigious house.

The Fonseca Experience invites visitors to explore the uniqueness of the Douro Valley, delving into sustainable viticulture and unraveling the process of Port wine production.  The "Introduction to Fonseca" is a commented tasting, highlighting references such as Siroco, Bin Nº 27, 20 Year Old Tawny and Fonseca Vintage 2009. Other wine experiences include the pairing of Vintages with chocolates, highlighting the Classic Fonseca Vintages (1985, 1997, 2003, 2007 and 2017).

The tasting room offers a wide variety of Port wines by the glass, accompanied by cheeses, sausages, chocolates, almonds and olives. For the curious, there is a monthly cocktail based on Fonseca Port wine, providing a captivating and diverse experience.

Enjoy unforgettable moments while exploring the history behind each bottle.

Caves Fonseca



Quinta da Roêda: between Vineyards and Traditions

For an authentic vineyard experience, a visit to Croft's renowned estate, Quinta da Roêda in Pinhão, is a must. The Visitors' Center, located in the old stables restored in traditional Douro style, provides a welcoming environment for tasting Croft's prestigious Port wines.

Quinta da Roêda


Educational visits, available by appointment in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, provide a unique opportunity to explore the vineyards, learn about the production process and, during the harvest, take part in the centuries-old tradition of treading grapes in the lagares.

Described as the jewel of Port wine estates, Quinta da Roêda has an extensive terraced vineyard along the north bank of the Douro river, above Pinhão. A guided tour of the estate reveals the secrets of the vineyard, highlighting points of interest and offering spectacular views over the Douro River. Explore the vineyards and lagares, choosing the tasting that best suits your curiosity about Croft Port wines. 

An unforgettable journey where history, tradition and landscape merge to create a complete experience. Discover the distinctive character of Port while losing yourself in the surrounding natural beauty.

Provas Quinta da Roêda



Quinta do Panascal: An Authentic Experience in the Vineyard

For an experience closer to the land where the grapes are grown, Quinta do Panascal is the ideal place. Located in the heart of Douro Valley, this quinta offers not only Port wine tastings, but also the opportunity to explore the vineyards and understand the production process from planting to bottle.

Quinta do Panascal


The audio-tour system guides visitors through the vineyards in the picturesque Távora valley, allowing them to explore the estate's centuries-old wine presses in a paradisiacal setting. This immersive tour can be enjoyed in nine different languages, including Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish and Japanese.

In the guest room, strategically located to provide a breathtaking view, visitors have the opportunity to take part in a commented tasting of Port wines, highlighting the rich winemaking tradition of Quinta do Panascal.

Provas Quinta do Panascal


Port wine is truly a jewel in the world's wine heritage, and celebrating it on special days only highlights its importance and diversity. Whether you choose a commemorative day or a so-called normal day, these suggestions offer unique experiences to enjoy and learn more about this fascinating drink.

Here's to tradition, history and, of course, the incomparable taste of Port Wine!