Festa dos Remédios: celebrating the city and the pilgrimage of Lamego

Festa dos Remédios: celebrating the city and the pilgrimage of Lamego

23 August 2023

For seventeen days, from August 24 to September 9, a vast and eclectic range of religious, cultural and sporting entertainment is on offer, attracting thousands of pilgrims and visitors to pay homage to the Patron Saint and celebrate the city and its Pilgrimage.

The Lamego Pilgrimage is one of the most grandiose in our country, offering the people of Lamego and all those who visit us a program of excellence in which profane and religious rituals are mixed in perfect harmony. It is the county's main tourist attraction, contributing in a unique way to the economic dynamics of the county and the region.


"The Festivities in Honor of Our Lady of Medicine is a faith that is renewed every year. A pilgrimage of nostalgia and memories that has established itself over the years as the intergenerational meeting point for the people of Lamego. It is the jewel in the religious and festive program of the city of Lamego and the Douro region and, for this reason, it is experienced as a unique event in the lives of the faithful. Living the Majestic Procession of Triumph in joy and communion or getting up early to pray the novenas with devotion marks the rhythm of these days and strengthens the faith of thousands of people," says Francisco Lopes, Mayor of Lamego.


This year, the Festivities in Honor of Our Lady of Medicine feature shows by Bárbara Bandeira (August 24), Minhotos Marotos (August 25), Rosinha (August 29), The Black Mamba (August 31), Mickael Carreira (September 2), Toy (September 3), Nuno Ribeiro (September 4) and Nininho Vaz Maia (September 5).


The Pilgrimage of Senhora dos Remédios de Lamego is an excess of festivity, crowds, and symbolism, which crosses a city and rural matrix, attesting to the fact that Lamego is a living heritage, a monumental and noble city which, September after September, opens its decked-out doors wide to welcome thousands of pilgrims and pilgrims during its days of celebration.