São João festivities in Tabuaço

São João festivities in Tabuaço

21 June 2023



One of the most popular festivals, São João de Tabuaço has been conquering the sympathy of the region by the festive atmosphere and neighborhood. An event of popular nature that would not have the same impact without the people of the municipality.

The high points of the Sanjoaninas Festivities of Tabuaço are made with the silver of the house, with the presence of all parishes of the municipality, including the Luminous March and the Solemn Procession of the 24th of June, which has 22 floors representing each of the parishes and places in the municipality. About 80 biblical figures also make up what is the largest religious procession and that brings to Tabuaço an increasing number of devotees and visitors.

Besides the gastronomy, the Local and Regional products presented in the Handicraft Fair, the program includes concerts and diverse musical performances for all audiences. The Municipality assumes and defends that "the main meaning of S. João de Tabuaço is in the spirit of surrender, generosity and altruism of the populations of each of the parishes that let themselves be involved and thus continue to honor the traditions of our people and our lands."

Besides the more traditional celebrations are the taverns and concerts of popular music that give light and color to the center of Tabuaço during the week of the Saints Savings. The program of the Festa de São João 2023 includes a Tribute to Xutos e Pontapés on the 22nd, Emanuel Moura and Dj Wilson Honrado on the 24th, and the 'Kings of National Music' - Broa de Mel, Fernando Correia Marques, Micaela, Nikita, Romana - on June 25th.

It is a case to say that it is in Tabuaço that S. João feels at home!