Real Companhia Velha surprises with six new 'Series' for 2018

01 | 02 | 2018
Real Companhia Velha surprises with six new 'Series' for 2018

Real Companhia Velha has just presented six novelties under the 'Séries' tittle. In a universe of unique vineyards, all DOC Douro, two whites appear, both from 2016 - Donzelinho Branco and Gouveio - and four reds - Tinto Cão (2015), Malvasia Preta (2015), Cornifesto (2015) and Bastardo (2014). Recall that 'Séries' is an experimental line of Real Companhia Velha, which produces wines that represent the passion and strong commitment of the Companhia in research and innovation in the wine world, having been, over the years, a pioneer in the recovery of native grape varieties, many of them unknown and most of them already extinct. A line that results in small wine projects (few bottles) that excel to reflect the knowledge of the terroir allied to the unique characteristics of these exotic varieties.

"In the 'Series' line we look for 'exceptional' wines, almost always from 'old' grape varieties of the oldest demarcated region in the world. Wines that will always be trials where we try to explore different techniques, varieties or approaches that teach us something that can be applied in our commercial range." says Jorge Moreira, oenology director at Real Companhia Velha.

According to the climate of each year, 2014 gave rise to fresh and young wines, while 2015 determined potent and concentrated reds and of immense complexity. 2016 was a year that resulted in elegant, aromatic and very fresh wines.

Mineral and floral notes on whites

Real Companhia Velha Séries Donzelinho Branco branco 2016 • DOC Douro PVP: €17,00  •  Bottles: 1556  •  Álc.: 12,5 %  • Acidity: 5,3 g/l  •  pH: 3,6

Donzelinho Branco is one of the most exotic and unusual grape varieties that is planted in the plateau of Alijó. Here it benefits from the fresh climate and more fertile land, two factors that determine a profile of a Douro very different from the usual, becoming a great challenge to our enology team. In the cellar, the fermentation of this Douro caste was carried out in stainless steel tanks with temperature control, where they were also submitted to a 6-month stage. The 'Real Companhia Velha Séries Donzelinho Branco 2016' is defined by a very unusual and exotic style, with a terpene aromatic profile, from which stand out floral nuances and suggestions of rosemary and menthol. It is a fresh white wine with a good minerality and acidity, characteristics that go well with avocado, Asian pork or salmon tartar.

Real Companhia Velha Séries Gouveio branco 2016 • DOC Douro
PVP: €17,00  •  Bottles: 2340  •  Álc.: 12,0 %  •  Acidity: 5,7 g/l  •  pH: 3,11

Gouveio is one of the most well-known white grape varieties in Douro, but it rarely gives rise to monocasts. Given the irreverence and experimental record of the "Séries" line, the oenology team of this bicentennia wine company of Portugal anticipated the vintage of this variety, in order to preserve all its character in a fresh and balanced style. Thus, the 'Real Companhia Velha Séries Gouveio 2016' is an aromatically complex wine with delicate floral and white fruit notes with mineral suggestions and well-integrated vanilla nuances. In the mouth it is greedy, structured and very mineral, ending with an excellent acidity, which keeps the evidence alive and persistent resulting from the fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. During the stage, 50% of the wine was in new French oak barrels for a period of six months. It is recommended the harmonization of this white with grilled fish, pork or queijo da serra.

Fresher and more elegant Douro Reds

Real Companhia Velha Série Red Dog 2015 • DOC Douro PVP: € 17.00 • Bottles: 1466 • Alcohol: 14.0% • Acidity: 5.4 g / l • pH: 3.6

Tinto Cão is synonymous with Douro! Today, it is one of the grapes most appreciated by the new generation of vine growers in the Douro region for its adaptability, resistance and low productivity. Of small berry and with a very thick film, this caste determines a traditional approach in the vinification process. For this reason, the fermentation chosen for this 'Real Companhia Velha Séries Tinto Cão 2015' was carried out in stone mills with the traditional step on foot, followed by a stage in French oak barrels (15% in new wood) for 18 months, following which a red wine of great expression and character was born, revealing an enormous complexity of aroma and rusticity through aromas of red fruits and herbaceous suggestions. In the nose it shows a distinctive and charming profile. In the mouth it shows rustic, with tannin present, but delicate, and with an elegant profile. The end of the test is very long and persistent, great to accompany game dishes, lamb and strong cheeses.

Real Companhia Velha Series Malvasia Preta red 2015 • DOC Douro
PVP: € 17.00 • Bottles: 666 • Alcohol: 13.5% •  Acidity: 4.43 g / l • pH: 3.46

The 'Real Companhia Velha Série Malvasia Preta 2015' is most likely the first winemaking of this breed, one of the oldest in the region. Identified among the Vinhas Velhas, it was submitted to this experience because it is an original Douro variety and because it shows resistance to the rough conditions of the terroir of the oldest demarcated region of the World. In the cellar the fermentation was carried out in small stainless steel tanks with temperature control, and then aged in French oak barrels for eight months. Result: Malvasia Preta surprises, immediately, by its open color. On the nose are notes of black and citrus fruit, with spicy nuances, in a very intense and fresh aromatic profile. It is a very particular red, with a very elegant structure, prized by the intensity of the mouth and with a fine tannin. The end of the test is long and very persistent. The harmonization is made with tuna steak or mackerel, white meats and Italian pastas.

Real Companhia Velha Series Cornifesto red 2015 • DOC Douro
PVP: € 17.00 • Bottles: 1200 • Alcohol: 14.5% • Acidity: 4.9 g / l • pH: 3.56

Like the previous grape variety, the Cornifesto is one of the oldest of the Douro, being also present among the Vinhas Velhas of the region, besides that it is not known any production as monocasta. The 'Real Companhia Velha Séries Cornifesto 2015' is, therefore, the first example of this unknown caste that resulted in a red with a very creased and differentiating character after the fermentation in small stainless steel vats and a stage of 12 months made in used barrels of oak French. When analyzed in detail, it features vegetable nuances that combine with fine notes of ripe fruit and notes of spices, offering complexity and a lot of aromatic intensity. The profile is fresh and elegant, revealing the essence of the caste through a structure with intensity and acidity and whose potential allows to predict its use for future vinifications. When served, accompany it with game dishes, roasted kid and fatty fish.

Real Companhia Velha Series Bastardo red 2014 • DOC Douro
PVP: € 17,00 • Bottles: 1573 • Alcohol: 14,0% • Acidity: 5,0 g / l • pH: 3,58

Finally, a 2014 red made from the Bastardo caste, one of the most well-known Douro castes, especially since it was baptized with a name that invokes something undesirable and controversial. For Real Companhia Velha, this caste reinforces, once again, the passion for discovery and innovation. It is a fresh, elegant and very fruity red wine that was fermented in stainless steel tanks in the cellar, followed by a 12-month stage in used French oak barrels. The 'Real Companhia Velha Séries Bastardo 2014' presents itself as a very fine wine, which impresses at first sight by its ruby color, something unusual in the reds of the region. In the nose the fruity aromas of gooseberry and fruits of the forest stand out, revealing complexity and character. The intensity and the elegance rise in the test, proving to be truly noble and seductive, with a fine tannin and immense freshness. It ends with a lively acidity, offering great satisfaction and good gastronomic aptitude. In order to prove it, we must serve him to accompany stews and hunters meat.


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