Quinta das Carvalhas Vinhas Velhas Red 2015

Quinta das Carvalhas Vinhas Velhas Red 2015

Quinta das Carvalhas Vinhas Velhas Red 2015

The Carvalhas´s estate is a property of great beauty and spectacularity, with a predominant position on the slope of the left bank of the Douro in Pinhão, which extends along the slopes of the right bank of the tributary Torto River . The earliest written references to the Fifth date back to 1759, with its magnificent old vines, post-phylloxeric planting, reaching the respectable age of a century.

Carvalhas´s estate is the oldest and most emblematic property of the Real Companhia Velha. Due to its enormous historical heritage and an intense and rational requalification, it represents today the best we have and we are able to do. Launched in 2012, the Carvalhas range serves as a homage to this beautiful estate and its magnificent vineyards. Through a range of 3 wines, we explore the best that this Quinta has to offer, with a special focus on its Old Vines, from which originates the prestigious Carvalhas Vinhas Velhas. These wines are a reflection of our soil, our sun, our vineyards, our history and all our knowledge.

Impressive aromatic exuberance highlighting notes of red fruits and black fruit allied to nuances herbacias and spices demonstrating a harmonious integration with oak wood through subtle notes of vanilla. Excellent volume of evidence, proving to be potent but at the same time elegant with a concentration and depth of low yielding vineyards. Tannins firm and very round, with flavors enhanced by a balanced acidity that makes the taste long and persistent.

YEAR: 2015
PRODUCER: Real Companhia Velha 

GRAPE VARIETY: Vines Velhas 

SERVE AT: 12ºC - 18ºC
FOOD PAIRING: Meat fork | Sausages | Cheese from the Sierra.

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