Cozinha da Clara


With impressive views of the Douro River, Quinta de La Rosa has officially opened the Cozinha da Clara restaurant. A name full of feeling and in a "clear" tribute to Sophia Bergqvist's grandmother, co-owner and manager of Quinta de la Rosa.

Famous for her generosity and hospitality, Claire had a natural taste for the kitchen. Inspired by big names in gastronomy, left a legacy that the family is committed to eternalize:

“After completing the new tasting room, store and reception project last year, we felt it was time to offer something more to those who visit us. More than a restaurant, Clara's Kitchen is the embodiment of a tribute to our family's history, especially Grandma Clara. We want with him to extend the experience of being in a family farm producing Port (since 1815) and Douro wines, ”says Sophia Bergqvist.

Clara's Cuisine bets on gastronomy of Portuguese roots, favoring local and seasonal products, but complemented and without forgetting the gastronomic heritage of the family, with dishes from the recipe of grandmother Clara. A kitchen whose philosophy is fueled by simplicity and which is under the command of chef Pedro Cardoso, making double in the room with Pedro Esteves.

To accompany the menu, a wine list carefully chosen by the house winemaker, Jorge Moreira. Quinta de la Rosa wines will be prominent, but other options will not be missing: starting with the 'Passage' wines, which Sophia and Jorge produce at Quinta das Bandeiras, in the Douro Superior; passing through ‘Dust’; and ending in wines that are beyond the winemaker's "domain" but tell him something.

Since its inception, Sophia has always seen Clara's Cuisine as a restaurant with open doors to anyone who wants to enjoy a good meal in the Douro and not just as a complement to (their) tourism.

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